OCT. 15, 2014
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lbszone news Trimble Adds Satellite Imagery Data Support and Automation for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing Professionals
A new satellite triangulation function in Inpho version 6.0 allows professionals to quickly generate deliverables from satellite imagery data and expand their capabilities, addressing the needs of industries such as environmental, forestry, agriculture and land management. Automatic tie point extraction and bundle block adjustment provides improved orientation of satellite images...
lbszone news The Battle of the Smartwatches
Years ago, when we were still playing games like Snake and Space Impact on our phones, we couldn't even imagine that we'd ever come to the point where almost our whole lives now revolve around mobile technology. Portable devices that could do almost everything clunky desktop computers and laptops could have become a staple of our daily lives, and every year, millions of people wait for the latest installment in mobile technology...

lbszone news Top 10 Health and Fitness Android Apps Perfect For Your Workout
What better way to keep tab of your weight, exercise progress, or health than with your phone, an Android, that is? We're rounding up ten useful health and fitness apps (paid) based on their respective uses, each one has a specific role that the others cannot fully meet. So, at no particular order, here are the apps that aim to keep your health up and running...
lbszone news Pinpoint by Foundbite combines a guessing game with geographic knowledge - for Windows Phone
Test your perceptive talents with a set of ten of the most evocative of thousands of Foundbites taken globally, as you guess and pin their destination onto a world map. Ranging from the simple to the terribly tricky, you will have to use details such as scenery, atmosphere, landmarks, music and accents to try to deduce the continent, country and town of an image and its accompanying sound...
lbszone news Carlson Introduces GIS360 for Android
In addition to allowing field crews to navigate maps and collect and report data all in the field, GIS360 provides the data and fully rendered models of mines, earthworks and pipe networks can that can be viewed in 3D. The software's unique "Siteview" function uses the Android devices' built-in GPS, compass and gyros to give the user the view of the site that is in front of him...
lbszone news INRIX Research Reveals The Hidden Cost of Gridlock on Our Roads
At the individual level, the cost last year averaged anywhere from $1,736 per household in the US to more than $2K per household in the UK, France and Germany. These numbers are a measure of both the direct costs in terms of the value of drivers' wasted time and fuel idling in gridlock as well as indirect costs to U.S. households resulting from businesses passing these same costs on to consumers in the form of higher prices for goods and services...
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 WEBINAR - Close Enough-Providing Clients with What They Want
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 Friday Deadline - Your last chance to save on Open Mobile Summit tickets
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 AIS and W-Locate Deliver M2M with SIM-Based Enterprise LBS Solution
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 The installed base of fleet management systems will reach 7.1 million in Europe by 2018
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 BeSpoon Unveils Tools to Create Multiple Uses for Its Ultraprecise 3D, Real-Time Location Technology
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 Third Quarter Mobile Commerce Sales Surge 102%
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 TomTom extends product portfolio with the launch of online navigation
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 New March Networks RideSafe Introduces Fully Integrated Mobile and Wayside Video Management for Transit
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 Loctronix Catches GPS Jammers in the Wild
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 Weebly Unveils iPad App for iOS 8 - First Complete Website Creation and Editing Experience for iPad
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 Software Developer - C++. OpenGL
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 Software Developer - Imagery, Redlands, CA
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 Software Developer - Javascript/HTML5 Web Applications, Redlands, CA
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 Support Analyst - Programming
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 ArcGIS API for JavaScript Product Engineer
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