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July 29, 2015
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GISuser Connected Employees Turn Shoppers into Buyers for Canadian Tiren
Motorola Solutions' new digital license-free radio (DLR) delivers extended range, superior sound and interference-free audio for one of largest Canadian retailers
GISuser TomTom expands Map footprint globally
TomTom (TOM2) today announces the addition of navigable maps for thirteen new countries. TomTom's global map database now covers over 45.6 million kilometres and 4.3 billion people worldwide, and features full navigable coverage for 134 countries.
GISuser The Rise of Coding Bootcamps
Due to a 20% increase in demand for developers, bootcamps for coding have started popping up to help fill the employment openings. What exactly is a coding bootcamp? It's an accelerated learning program featuring skills such as full-stack web development, data science, digital marking, and UX/UI design
GISuser Infographic - The Great Big List Of Infographic Ideas
Probably the first thing every Infographic Agency hears from a client is "We want an infographic but don't know about what." Yes, it can be a little tricky to find the perfect idea, but once you study the domain a little bit more you'll see that there are plenty of ideas and themes you can approach...
GISuser Hot Geo Job! Executive Director Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team
Our Executive Director leads the day-to-day operations, works with volunteers, partners and the wider community. We serve to strengthen and grow our support of vulnerable locations around the world by engaging both local and remote community mappers.




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