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June 23, 2015
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GISuser Maryland DNR Pioneers the Use of Apple Watch for State Government
This makes Maryland the first state to publish an Apple Watch app for government using the geolocation functionality to locate water trails and access points. Boaters can begin exploring Maryland's boat launches and water trails by downloading the AccessDNR mobile app from the Apple App Store or by visiting the DNR's website
GISuser Luxoft chooses TomTom NavKit for its reference design platform
TomTom today announced the integration of TomTom's navigation engine, NavKit, with Luxoft's AllViewT, the award-winning* reference design platform for creating an in-vehicle user experience (UX)
GISuser AscTec Trinity - A new era of UAV / drone flight control
Now available for ordering: AscTec Falcon 8 - including AscTec Trinity. The new autopilot AscTec Trinity can be ordered for your AscTec Falcon 8 system. Features triple redundant inertial measurement unit (IMU) for performance, precision & safety
GISuser Digital Journal Mobile App for Travel Agencies and Travelers
KeepTrax Travel enables travel professionals to offer a private, branded mobile app for their clients that capture places visited, photos taken, distances traveled, and other interesting travel facts during their trips, and delivers the content in a concise travelogue format
GISuser Hot Geo Job! Product Engineer
Work with ArcGIS to create map documents, web services, and geoprocessing models and tools to accompany geodatabase designs created for industry data models
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