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Sept 16, 2015
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GISuser MO Hunting App Wins Governor's Award
Missouri Department of Conservation's (MDC) MO Hunting app was selected this month as one of the winners for the 2015 Governor's Award for Quality and Productivity (GAQP) in the Technology for Government category. This will be MDC's 3rd award in 3 years, one of them being the Innovation Award in 2014
GISuser Back to School in an era where students are constantly on their phones
Once again fall is here and that means back to school. Students at high school and post-secondary schools are constantly on their phones and love sharing things across a number of social media platforms. Lots of the information that students are sharing is publicly available and can be leveraged for security and safety purposes by a school's administration
GISuser Maptiks Launches Mapping Analytics Tool
Maptiks is like Google Analytics for your web map and currently integrates with Google Maps API, OpenLayers3 and LeafletJS. Soon it will also support Mapbox.js, ESRI javaScript API, CartoDB.js, and Bing Maps.
GISuser TerraGo to Showcase Collaborative Geospatial Solutions at INTERGEO 2015
TerraGo, a pioneer of geospatial collaboration and mobility software, will exhibit at INTERGEO 2015, which takes place September 15th - 17th in Stuttgart, Germany.INTERGEO is the industry's largest conference and enables dialogue with leading geospatial technology providers and users from around the world
GISuser Hot GeoJob - GIS Tech, Apple
Are you a GIS data analyst with extensive and varied experience who is looking for your next challenge? Apple is seeking a talented and detail-oriented individual who has strong geospatial analytic and leadership skills to perform analysis and develop integration methodologies which lead to enhancing the quality of Apple Map content.




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